That’s My Line Dear Friend

“Hello, how are you?” she asks.

“That’s my line!”  I say, giving her a hug.  “How are you?”

“I’m OK I think!”  She scrabbles through her bag.  “I’ve come out without my purse though.  Could I borrow some money for a drink?”

We chuckle and I hand her a fiver to go to the bar.

Once seated with our drinks I can see that she has put on some makeup, and she’s wearing some new earrings that another one of our friends gave her a few days ago.  I’m thinking that she’s done well to manage to join us at all.

This dear friend lost her father just over a week ago, and because of complications with paperwork and regulations the funeral still hasn’t taken place.  It will be a further week and a half before that happens.

Meantime her life is temporarily in a horrible limbo. She’s doing all the stuff that has to be done when a family member dies, like organising a funeral and a bit of a knees-up for afterwards, whilst also taking care of her elderly mother and her own family.

Last night the five of us talked about all sorts of things over a meal and a few drinks. There were tearful moments, and smiley reflective moments too.  There were moments of rip-roaring gawstering, as the usual wicked sense of humour took over.  It’s impossible to be permanently sad when surrounded by these crackpot friends.  An announcement by one that she thought she’d like to change her name met with some amusement, especially when we tried to think up suitable alternatives.  I hope we offered a small window of relief for our grieving friend; we will be keeping an eye on her.

Day 2 of this quote challenge, therefore, has to be about friendship –

A Real Friend ...
A Real Friend …
A true friend quotation from Doug Larson
A true friend quotation from Doug Larson
Friendship and mastering the art of timing
Friendship and mastering the art of timing

I’d like to nominate the following folks to participate in this 3 Day Quote Challenge if they would enjoy doing so, and the rules are as follows –

Post on 3 consecutive days
Post one to three quotes per day
Challenge three different bloggers each day



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