Solitude is good for the soul

Solitude is good for the soul

This lake …. oh my …. all that could be heard was the honking, screeching and quacking of the water birds, as they glided gracefully across the mirror-like surface. Their calls echoed eerily through the still afternoon air.

So wonderful was the tranquillity, that my camera remained in my bag for a long while, as I simply savoured the peace and solitude of this beautiful place. I was wishing I’d brought a flask of tea and a fold up chair.

Here comes the convoy

I’ve been here many times before to walk around this lake and take photographs; it’s especially beautiful in the autumn and winter seasons. Here we are in mid October, and the tree foliage and grass are still very green, which is quite remarkable considering the hot, dry summer we’ve had here in the UK. I shall revisit in a few weeks’ time to capture the autumn colours.

When I do return there will no doubt be a different feel to the place, a buzz in fact, as the farmhouse on the far left of the first image stands on a popular Christmas tree farm.


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