First Nativity

A cold and frosty Lincolnshire morningThis morning was my granddaughter’s first nativity play in the church of the small village where she goes to school.  She has just turned five, and her reception year group of ten children sang the first verse of Away in a Manger entirely on their own and with no piano. The rest of the school joined in at verse 2.  There wasn’t a dry eye in church.

I can only speak for our own little one when I say that she has been transformed by this amazing school and its staff in just a few short weeks since leaving nursery.  They are an incredibly dedicated team of people.  And I am so very proud of this wonderful child.

I did of course take some photos, and video too for our own memory bank, on the strict understanding as advised by the headteacher that no-one would post up photographs or video to any social media sites or online at all.  These precious children must be kept safe and away from greedy, prying eyes. And I agree wholeheartedly with that.  Let’s draw the line.

So here’s a photo of another recent morning taken at my favourite time of day, when the sun is just rising, and the world is crisp and fresh and brave and new.


Almost bare

Chicken coop under the almost bare beech tree
The last of the autumn leaves on the beech tree … it’s almost bare

What a glorious autumn we’ve had.  The colours have been amazing and the leaves have hung on right into December, mainly because we’ve not had any really adverse weather conditions to blow them off or wash them away.

The season has provided some spectacular photo opportunities; the shot above was taken recently at daybreak on a frosty morning.  It’s a shivery scene, with the beech tree almost bare of leaves and the mist hanging low in the field behind.  I’m hoping that the winter will provide some equally great scenes.  I hate to say it because I know it causes problems in the UK …. but I’m hoping for SNOW and lots of it.