Here’s hoping you all have a fantastic “Feeling Great” day

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Here’s a quick pick me up for all my midlife friends.  While watching this video take three deep breaths. Relax and focus on your physical psyche. Enjoy the way you feel and believe you are strong and healthy. Self empowerment is strong within you. This is mind power. The more you watch the better you will feel.  Toe-tapping music too.  Have a fantastic “Feeling Great” day.


More than 23,000 midlifers caught red handed every year

New Government figures this week reveal that more middle aged people (over the age of 40) than ever before are being “criminalised” by target-chasing police here in the UK.  How many exactly?  65 of us to be precise, every day.  That’s more than 23,000 “midlifers caught red handed” every year.  Incredible.

You're under arrest for being middle aged

Problem is, you see, midlifers are sitting ducks.  We tend not to run away from our beliefs and generally have the courage of our convictions, which is getting us into hot water.

After decades of abiding by the law, midlife people are being deliberately targeted and punished for crimes such as motoring offences or refusing to pay wheelie-bin fines.  These are classed as “solved” crimes and tick all the boxes for the police force.  The Labour government’s targets give the same weight to catching a speeding motorist as to snaring a rapist or paedophile. We’re looking at grossly unfair mass criminalisation here guys.

Not surprising then that complaints against the police have risen, with much of the increase coming from law-abiding, middleclass, middle-aged and retired people who no longer feel the police are on their side.

I’d like to hear from any midlifer who has personal experience of our over-enthusiastic, box-ticking policing system please.  I’ll be sharing mine with you shortly.

Armand Van Helden & A-TRAK Present Duck Sauce – aNYway

What a great sound.  And check out the fancy foot moves in this music video – Armand Van Helden & A-TRAK Present Duck Sauce – aNYway.  This midlifer can remember when dancing like this was the norm.  Let me know what you think of it please midlife friends.

Video no longer valid – apologies.

Make It Mine – Jason Mraz

Everyone, even my midlife friends, will be familiar with “I’m Yours” from Jason Mraz.  This track “Make It Mine” from last year’s album “We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things” may not be so familiar unless you bought the album.  I just love the instrumentals on it.

Video no longer valid – apologies.

Counting my midlife blessings

It’s a habit, a good one I think.  It’s something I’ve always done on automatic pilot; sort of built in, but it’s only as I’ve reached middle age that I understand how important it really is.  My daughter asked me yesterday as we were waiting at a pedestrian crossing in the car, ” What do you think it is that makes a woman’s face look that way when she’s old?”

I was thinking exactly the same thing at exactly the same moment.  The woman crossing the road in front of us had a face all sucked in, turned down and miserable looking.  Have you noticed that about some middle aged and older people?  It looked like this woman was wearing all the troubles of the whole world on her face.  Either that or someone had hit her with a shovel.

It seems to me that the more we dwell on the shit that life deals out to us, the more we look like it.  As a family we’ve had more than our fair share of troubles over the years.  And you know what, I refuse to lie down and just take it.  Bottom line in any dire situation – “Will this kill me?”  Every time the answer is “No, it won’t actually”.

My midlife habit then, in fact my whole lifetime habit, is counting my blessings every day, properly, be glad about all the good stuff, embrace new things, smile, laugh out loud, enjoy every aspect of life.  If you really do believe that life is good then it is.  Simple.

It is still possible to live the “Good Life”

Called to see some friends for coffee yesterday afternoon.  They have a new puppy and that was part of the reason for the visit.  I first saw him a few weeks ago when he was a lovely lollopy little thing; can’t believe how much he’s grown since and he’s absolutely gorgeous.  It was, of course, also good to see old friends and catch up with all the local midlife news.

Whilst visiting it occurred to me yet again that the way these midlifers live their lives is amazing.  If anyone remembers the UK TV series “The Darling Buds of May” then you’ll immediately think “nostalgia”, of living in the country, growing your own produce and having a relatively simple yet very satisfying lifestyle.  It’s also hard work!

C & tame cockerels enjoying a snackC and Barney, the Alsatian puppy

This time of year is particularly busy for the family.  Cider is made from the apples from the orchard (standing at about 40 gallons right now!), using a home made apple press.  Dozens of jars of plum jam are already stored in the pantry, and wine making is in full production using every type of fruit, vegetable and flower available at this time of the year from our wonderful rural surroundings.

Big baskets of apples stand on the courtyard ready for storage for the winter; I came home with a bag full of Bramley’s which make delicious apple sauce to accompany winter dinners.  But much more than that, I came home with a warmth in my heart.  I always do.  I am transported back to the world in which I myself grew up.  Open fires; big cooking range; healthy wholesome food; huge family dining table; Wellington boots; dogs; cats; chickens and geese.

And the warmth generated in their home is a natural, sincere, relaxed affair, born out of a lifetime of hard work and lovingly bringing up a family.  Many thanks to both of these dear middle aged friends for yesterday’s boost in the arm.  And for the reality check that this crazy midlifer needs every now and again.