Photos to cobble dogs with

Photos to cobble dogs with

Been having a serious sort out in our loft.  This involved bringing down many cardboard boxes to establish exactly what we’d been hoarding.  There were five big boxes of photographs, some of them in albums and some loose.  They are now resting on the sitting room floor whilst I work my way through them, deciding which to keep and which to dispose of.

I’ve made a start.  I haven’t thrown any away.  Really can’t bear to do that.  There are literally thousands of great photos cataloguing our family life over the last 30 years or so.  I know that the answer would be to scan them and put them on to the computer or discs, but there’s something very soothing about spending time flicking through the originals.  Am I just a sentimental old midlifer?  Probably.  These pictures are memories from my teenage years through to my midlife years.  I just know that those boxes will end up back in the loft.


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