More than 23,000 midlifers caught red handed every year

New Government figures this week reveal that more middle aged people (over the age of 40) than ever before are being “criminalised” by target-chasing police here in the UK.  How many exactly?  65 of us to be precise, every day.  That’s more than 23,000 “midlifers caught red handed” every year.  Incredible.

You're under arrest for being middle aged

Problem is, you see, midlifers are sitting ducks.  We tend not to run away from our beliefs and generally have the courage of our convictions, which is getting us into hot water.

After decades of abiding by the law, midlife people are being deliberately targeted and punished for crimes such as motoring offences or refusing to pay wheelie-bin fines.  These are classed as “solved” crimes and tick all the boxes for the police force.  The Labour government’s targets give the same weight to catching a speeding motorist as to snaring a rapist or paedophile. We’re looking at grossly unfair mass criminalisation here guys.

Not surprising then that complaints against the police have risen, with much of the increase coming from law-abiding, middleclass, middle-aged and retired people who no longer feel the police are on their side.

I’d like to hear from any midlifer who has personal experience of our over-enthusiastic, box-ticking policing system please.  I’ll be sharing mine with you shortly.


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