Storm Ciara

Well, what a bloomin’ awful weather day it was. Storm Ciara’s howling wind forced the rain through every crevice of our ancient back door and flooded the utility room. The little garden fence blew away which I don’t mind at all – I like the “open” look of our lawn blending into the field beyond. It might never get replaced.  And one of the chicken coops keeled over in the wind which could have been a horrible disaster.

Three chickens were in residence at the time and of course they made a run for the long grass when they finally found their way out, terrified by having their world turned upside down. Once the hen house was righted, two of the soaking wet birds were quickly retrieved and put back in to dry off.  The third was missing.

The little bantam cockerel called out for her for about an hour whilst we walked the field to try and find her. She was eventually found, bedraggled and shaky, and we were able to pick her up, dry her off and make her safe again. Crazy Sunday!

And not a single shot was taken. Well, these are not the sort of events you’d think to photograph are they?  So, here’s one from Friday, when the sunlight was just breaking through the hazy mist, revealing a wonderful light over a small host of unopened daffodils on St Peter’s Hill in Stamford.



    • Yes, Sunday was a crazy weather day. We were lucky; no lasting damage really. Some people had serious flooding and structural damage to buildings etc. As for the chickens – they were hopping about like normal on Monday morning, all fine again thank you.

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