Yesss, it’s officially Spring

So yesterday involved a little trip to Louth to stock up on the essentials of life – including pastries for Mr B and gluten-free chicken pie for me.  Well, I say essentials; pastries and pies are not right at the top of the list, but the best butcher in town does sell these items as part of his repertoire, and it would be silly not to take advantage of his expert baking skills, would it not?

Wednesday is market day and the busiest day of the week in Louth, a small market town not far from the east coast of Lincolnshire.  It’s teeming with little independent shops selling most of what any human being would want in life.  It also has a good sprinkling of lovely coffee shops, bars and restaurants.

Yesterday, the sun was shining and there was a definite warmth in the air – my first “no coat required” day of 2019.  It was mid afternoon when we headed down New Street to relax with a coffee, and naturally we bagged a table outdoors to soak up the rays for a while.  What a treat.  Pretty sure that Spring has officially arrived in Lincolnshire, bang on time – 20th March.

New Street Louth for blog WM




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