A summer wedding

Well, here we are in September and it’s almost autumn again.  It’s been a crazy summer in our house and I’ve had very little time for writing or photography.

Back in June, whilst on an Italian touring holiday with her boyfriend, our younger daughter rang us to announce that she was getting married. Such amazing and wonderful news; we were thrilled to bits for both of them.

The next day she called again to tell us that it would be an August wedding. Mr B and I automatically assumed that she meant next August, but no, they were to be married on 18th August this year.  And so it came to pass.  And now they are Mr and Mrs.  Just like that. We’ve had a crackpot and wonderful whirlwind summer.

I have found some time to walk in between the making of a wedding dress and everything else, and the summer hiking has been good.  The photos above are almost autumnal in tone I know – a real contrast to the spring ones from my last “walking” post.  However my hiking boots are now back to full speed and my faithful Canon is ready to go.



    • I did make the wedding dress Marie. Don’t think complicated fluffy meringue style though with lots of layers – it was a sleek fitted dress in white – suited my daughter perfectly in her demand for elegance and simplicity.

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      • Yes it is definitely handy. I rather take the skill for granted I have to say. My grandmother taught me to sew when I was a child and I’ve always made my own clothes and my daughters’ things as well. Being tall with long arms and legs means it’s hard to find clothes off the peg to fit. Only problem now is finding decent fabric to make things with. There’s plenty for crafty items and quilting but very little for dressmaking, especially out here in the shires.


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