I‘m Just Calling To Say…

“I’m just calling to say I’m feeling very happy.  And I wanted to thank you for sending me to dance classes when I was little.”

These were the first words I heard when I answered my younger daughter’s phone call.  I’m always happy to hear her voice of course; even more so when she’s so full of joy and obviously loving her life.

Prior to Christmas she had resolved to find a dance studio and sign up for classes for fun and to meet new people.  Last night her brand new tap shoes, which were a special Christmas gift, had their first formal outing.

She had just finished an adults’ tap dancing class in London when I spoke to her, and she was walking briskly in the cold night air to catch a train home to her apartment.  I could hear the smile in her voice.  And that made me smile too.

I’m so grateful that my daughter thought to call me at that very moment.  She wasn’t purposely aiming to make my day, but she did.

Tap dancing daughter and granddaughter
My tap dancing daughter and granddaughter giving it rock all on our wooden floors at Christmas time

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