Canada Geese and Catkins

I consider myself fortunate if I come across just one subject to take shots of on my daily walk, but yesterday it was my photo-shoot birthday so to speak.

I headed for the lake and hall at Riseholme near Lincoln as the sun was shining, and I have fond memories of the place from when my elder daughter studied horticulture there a few years ago.  It has a long history of being the county’s main agricultural and horticultural college campus, and the grounds and lake are well maintained, and spectacular in the summer months.

Canada Geese and Catkins
Canada Geese and Catkins
Canada Geese at Riseholme
Canada Geese at Riseholme

Even in February it has a lot to offer and it gave me great satisfaction to capture Canada geese on a migratory stopover feeding on the meadows and swimming in the lake.  And although I did not manage a shot of them flying in or out, I was able to catch them with catkins hanging down over the field they were resting in.  A couple of hours later I went home very happy with a card full of images, and having had my daily exercise too.



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