Let It Snow

Here we are at the beginning of February and we’ve seen quite a lot of the white stuff on and off over the last few days.  I personally have nowhere I have to go that won’t wait so I’m clapping my hands and making the most of it.

There’s definitely something romantic about snow I think.  It throws a whole new light and perspective on the world, making everything sparkling clean and bright.  I knew this morning before I’d even got out of bed that there was fresh snow on the ground, by the unusual glow on the bedroom ceiling.

Snow is exhilarating too.  I was outdoors with my camera before it was properly light, crunching around in my boots, breathing in the crisp air, and capturing the rare and immaculate beauty of it all.

Snowy February Tuesday
Snowy February Tuesday
Snowy February Tuesday
Snowy February Tuesday

A white world also makes me turn on the lamps and light a log fire once dusk starts to fall.  I want to get cosy on the sofa and toast my toes.  It would have been lovely to have had this snowfall over the holiday period, when everyone was at home and could enjoy it.  We had frost then but no snow.  As it is I am sparing a thought for all those battling their way to work and school in tricky driving conditions.

I’m also thinking of the song I played around Christmas time for my little granddaughter.

I may well be playing it later once I’m tucked up warm and cosy by the fire.

Let It Snow

Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we’ve no place to go
Let It Snow!  Let It Snow!  Let It Snow!


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