Digital Photo Frame Dilemma

I have been shuffling through my digital photos trying to decide which ones I want to print out for hanging on the wall.  I have hundreds on my computer.  I also have quite a number already hanging on the walls around our home, and standing in frames on the windowsills.

In days of old we had dozens of photo albums.  Even more recently we still had photo albums.  We’ve always had them in our family.

And then last year I purchased one of those new fangled electronic digital photo frames and loaded up most of my lifetime’s most important photos to it.  I thought it was a good idea at the time.  Initially it was switched on constantly.  And now it’s not.

Fishing lake image on my digital photo frame
Fishing lake image on my digital photo frame

Reason for that?   It hurts to watch the photos flashing across the screen day after day.  It hurts because a number of the pivotal subjects of the photos are now dead and gone.  Recently.  Either that or they are incarcerated in a care home.  I cannot bear to watch what used to be and now cannot be.

So what to do?  Think I may have to remove all the photos on the memory card of the electronic photo frame and replace them with current photos.  Ones of my children last summer and ones of my granddaughter on her birthday last autumn, recent photos of my friends on our days out.

Yes – that’s the solution.  I will do it tomorrow.  And turn the photo frame back on again.


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