The day the world ground to a halt

I have previously mentioned that we Brits are rubbish at coping with winter weather; in fact all adverse weather conditions present a problem to inhabitants in the UK to be truthful.

But it is really, really snowing right now.  I heard on the news this morning that this winter is predicted to be the harshest for 100 years.  And I’m beginning to believe that.  Surely if the forecasters can foresee the bad weather, then the powers that be should be able to foresee a need for salt and grit for our roads and footpaths.  But apparently not.

This lack of organisation (it’s probably a lack of funds too) is what causes our entire country to grind to a halt when it snows to this extent.  Our roads are unsafe to drive on; walking anywhere is to risk life and limb.   As a result, schools close down; people cannot get to work and our world swiftly slips and slides into chaos.

I remember my grandfather relaying tales of his life in Canada many years ago, and I’m pretty sure that life went on regardless of the terrible weather conditions they experienced.  We should take lessons from countries with a cold climate on how to cope, because as a nation we are a bunch of losers when we face adversity from Mother Nature.


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