It is still possible to live the “Good Life”

Called to see some friends for coffee yesterday afternoon.  They have a new puppy and that was part of the reason for the visit.  I first saw him a few weeks ago when he was a lovely lollopy little thing; can’t believe how much he’s grown since and he’s absolutely gorgeous.  It was, of course, also good to see old friends and catch up with all the local midlife news.

Whilst visiting it occurred to me yet again that the way these midlifers live their lives is amazing.  If anyone remembers the UK TV series “The Darling Buds of May” then you’ll immediately think “nostalgia”, of living in the country, growing your own produce and having a relatively simple yet very satisfying lifestyle.  It’s also hard work!

C & tame cockerels enjoying a snackC and Barney, the Alsatian puppy

This time of year is particularly busy for the family.  Cider is made from the apples from the orchard (standing at about 40 gallons right now!), using a home made apple press.  Dozens of jars of plum jam are already stored in the pantry, and wine making is in full production using every type of fruit, vegetable and flower available at this time of the year from our wonderful rural surroundings.

Big baskets of apples stand on the courtyard ready for storage for the winter; I came home with a bag full of Bramley’s which make delicious apple sauce to accompany winter dinners.  But much more than that, I came home with a warmth in my heart.  I always do.  I am transported back to the world in which I myself grew up.  Open fires; big cooking range; healthy wholesome food; huge family dining table; Wellington boots; dogs; cats; chickens and geese.

And the warmth generated in their home is a natural, sincere, relaxed affair, born out of a lifetime of hard work and lovingly bringing up a family.  Many thanks to both of these dear middle aged friends for yesterday’s boost in the arm.  And for the reality check that this crazy midlifer needs every now and again.


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