30 years old or 80 years young – WELCOME

Welcome to the rantings and ravings of a midlifer.  Firstly, I think I should try to define middle age.  Before hitting 40 I had considered that milestone to be middle aged, but now I realise that middle age is pretty much a state of mind.  I have friends in their early 40’s who adopt an “oldish” approach to life.  I also know people in their late 60’s who could easily be taken for 45 – 50  if you were to talk to them with your eyes closed.  I think that middle age or midlife begins and ends at different times for different people.  So, loosely speaking, this blog is for all those who can relate to its content, whether you’re 30 years old or 80 years young – enjoy.  Oh, and participate.



  1. Love the thinking of this midlifer. We have to show the young ones that there is more to us then washing and cooking – grab life and don’t let go – live baby live.


  2. Well, this was posted almost a year ago…but I’m looking for other 40 something bloggers…or someone near my age to create a blogging community with…there are SO many blogs.

    I’m soon turning 40 and a lot of the bloggers I know are much younger…just want some bloggers closer to my age & understanding…make comments on their blogs and have them visit mine.

    Hope you are still on here, as it looks like your most recent post was Sept. 2010.



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