Fill the frame

Lincoln Longwool

As today’s photography brief is to ‘fill the frame’, here’s a faceful of Lincoln Longwool, modelling her extravagantly curled and twirled winter coat.

I always think they can’t see me whilst I’m gradually tiptoeing towards them with my camera, as their forelocks are so long and cover their eyes, but they obviously can as they turn and walk away when I get too close for comfort. Or maybe they have exceptionally good hearing to compensate for the fleece blinkers.

I do so love these sheep on the Lincolnshire Wolds. There are only about 800 breeding ewes left in the UK, and 50 of them are in the Risby flock here in Lincolnshire. As the sheep graze, walkers on the Viking Way amble past enjoying the view, so these animals are used to humans.

Their entire fleeces are incredibly thick, long and curly, and the farmer has a hut open to walkers where you can buy sheep-related items, and put your money in the honesty box. This is just one of the reasons to love Lincolnshire.

Lincoln Longwool fleece
Lincoln Longwool sheep fleece



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