Gluten-free fruit pie

Freshly picked blackberries and apples straight from the tree made a delicious fruit pie for dessert at the weekend.  I used gluten-free ready to roll pastry from Silly Yak which can be found in the chilled section of most supermarkets; trial and error has convinced me that their pastry is as good as any gluten-free pastry you can make at home.  And it’s quick and easy to use. So I cannot say in all honesty that this is a completely home made blackberry and apple pie but it almost is!  I can definitely say though that it was delicious and it went down well with custard and with ice cream. Yum …



  1. My daughter (age 26) has celiac (how we spell it in the US) so I’m delighted to read your experiences and recipes. She was only diagnosed at age 21 after years of misery and hearing, “eat whole grains” and such great suggestions. I look forward to telling her about your blog. Ooo I see under “related” the pastry free bacon leek and sweet potato quiche. Sounds great. I’ll have to check that out now.


    • Hello Lisa, any questions please just ask. I’m not an expert but I have lived with coeliac disease for many years and follow a strict gluten free diet through necessity, same as your daughter. I have another website just for coeliac disease which is in build mode currently. I will post up a link once it’s ready to go. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Best regards


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