Ladies in Waiting

Trotted up to the top of the Lincolnshire Wolds today only to find that the ladies in waiting were not overly obliging when faced with my camera. Understandably, the ewes may be feeling a tad fed up as it’s almost lambing time for them.  The young rams, however, were not camera shy at all …



    • Wolds is a name for a range of hills; the Lincolnshire Wolds is a designated area of outstanding natural beauty here in the UK. Our wolds are the only hilly part of an otherwise flat county. Thank you for the kind remarks.

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      • Thanks. That’s really interesting. I love learning about all the various terms used in different parts of the world. Its one really cool part about blogging!


    • They are, although I’ve found cows to be even more contrary. Every spring we have them clodhopping across our lawns when they break through fencing in the fields. Cows prove difficult to herd back to the fields, and will try any way to escape just so they can graze on fresh green grass.

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      • Ah, well I used to have milking cows, so i am partial to a cow on a cold winters morning once they were in the shed, but chasing them to get them there is a whole “nother story.

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  1. Most of the sheep we see around here are black-faced. There are some ancient and rare breeds too. The Lincoln Longwools are beautiful – look like Bob Marley with dreadlocks over their eyes! Thanks for commenting.


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