The best gifts

As the years have crept by I’m more aware than ever before that there’s very little I actually need or want in the way of material things to live a valuable life. There’s only so much “stuff” one human being can keep or use. And I think we’ve been so bombarded by endless advertising and clever marketing over the years until we’ve really believed that we must have the latest gadgets, fashion items and so on to be a complete and fully-functioning part of the human race. I’ve never been a convert of this theory.

So it makes me very happy that the current trend is away from consumerism; instead thinking more about how we can re-use what we already have, and buying secondhand when we need to replace items. Or better still – making what we need.

I’ve always thought that the best gifts are handmade; created with love and care. I’m also a believer in buying and sharing “experiences” if I do have to purchase a gift for someone. Simple gifts like cinema gift cards, book vouchers or days out always go down well in our family.

So here we are in February and it’s birthday time again. Thank you to my wonderful, creative family for lovingly spending time making perfect gifts for me last weekend. I am truly blessed. I’m also chuffed to bits that the youngest generation in the family is carrying on with our tradition of making gifts instead of running off to the shops to try and find something suitable for Granna.

Birthday flower bouquet from my daughter's garden
Bouquet from my daughter’s garden
Handmade marzipan stuffed dates
Handmade marzipan stuffed dates
Homemade gluten free scones
Home made gluten free scone selection

Handmade or bought gifts … which do you prefer?



  1. What a special tradition! Hand made allows the creator to be creative and personal. My sons went to a one room schoolhouse for elementary school. The teacher started a tradition of handmade gifts at Christmas. My youngest son made a spoon doll with my mom’s help for a little classmate. I love this post. Happy Birthday!💕😘


    • Hello! And thank you for the comment and happy birthday wishes. I’m a tad late in replying and can only apologise for that. I bet that spoon doll your son made as a gift for his friend was the best gift, and he will likely remember making it too with his grandmother. There are a lot of benefits to being creative I think, and creative children invariably become creative adults, in their thinking and way of living. Right now, in March 2020, creativity may well be a lifesaver, or at the very least a sanity saver, for many of us cooped up at home. Take care and stay safe. Thanks again.

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      • Yes creativity in every way! I’ve been teaching reading on Zoom so I have to think outside the box. When I’m not teaching I’m baking, planting seeds, writing letters, reading and doing yard work. I hope you are immersing yourself in cool projects at home.😇❤️


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