It’s a brand new day – let’s make a real difference

With each new sunrise comes a brand new day; a fresh unmarked page to fill with whatever we choose.

I am thinking of my daughter and her six day old baby as I contemplate the beauty of the rising sun this morning.

Nature is amazing in every way, whether it’s a human being giving birth to a child; or a wild animal or bird raising their young each year in our countryside, or the trees and flowers bursting forth in the Spring.  We need to consider our actions more deeply and work much harder than we currently do to protect and nurture our natural world for the generations who will come after us.

I’m wondering if my daughter and son-in-law are watching the sunrise in London, as they nurse their baby daughter, or if they’re snoozing in between feeds.

Either way, it’s a brand new day for their family and for everyone else on Planet Earth.  Let’s use it wisely, let’s make a real difference for the future of our planet.

Sunrise 25th April 2019
Sunrise 25th April 2019


  1. I also watched a wonderful sunrise here in France this morning and felt very fortunate indeed. Nature is indeed incredibly resilient and bursting forth with spring here at the moment but we need to take greater care of this dear planet.

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    • I’m normally very conscious of how vulnerable our planet is anyway, but a new baby in the family really reinforces the fact that there is so much more I can do to protect nature for future generations. There have been some stunning sunrises and sunsets this month – so glad you’re enjoying them too. Thank you for commenting; I appreciate it.

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