Kiwi, red onion & toasted pecan salad

17 degrees is what we’ve had today here in the UK spring sunshine – it’s been delightful. That combined with the light nights means we’re back on salads – hurrah. I would agree that my salads are not to everyone’s taste, as I tend to mix up whatever happens to be in the fridge. I’m a big fan of fresh unprocessed food so our fridge is usually heaving with fruit, vegetables and salad. And you’d struggle to find any meat in there; lots of eggs though.

Anyway, as a salad “expert” I’m always on the look out for innovative ideas, and the Fabulous Fare Sisters have consistently scored highly on my personal tasty and healthy food leader board. Here’s the latest from their website for you to enjoy –

Fabulous Fare Sisters

Kiwi, Red Onion & Toasted Pecan Salad

This is a quick and easy salad using fresh Kiwi and toasted pecans. Drizzled on top is a deliciously light Honey & Pear-Infused Balsamic Vinaigrette. The perfect salad for Spring!

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