I was in the process of writing a post in tribute to Prince and the joy and fun and dance opportunities his music has given to me and my family over many years when this post alert popped into my inbox. It’s a post my daughter has written for her blog, broganjane, and her words say it just perfectly. So here it is –


Not that long ago David Bowie died and my boyfriend was really, truly sad for about three days. Certain songs on the radio would make him cry and he was quieter than normal. He is ordinarily one of the cheeriest people I know. I knew he was big David Bowie fan but I didn’t really understand the blues that consumed him.

However, this evening over dinner I heard on the radio that Prince died today. Before I could really think about it, my chin was wibbling and I cried. I’m now listening to some of my favourite Prince songs and can’t help but continue to cry.

Although, of course, I’m sad for the loss of his musical skills but that’s not why I’m crying (no-one needs another person lobbing words like ‘genius’ and ‘legend’ around).

I’m crying because the death of Prince represents the final nail in the coffin of…

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  1. Wow. Great post by your daughter. I love the musical connection with my boys too. They didn’t pick up Prince, but they did pick up the classic rock my husband and I enjoy. They both were really shocked when Glenn Frye passed earlier this year.

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  2. Your daughter’s post made me think of my own memories of listening to Prince as a teenager. I left a comment on her site, but I thought I’d just say here too that I enjoyed her reminiscences about your car journeys together.

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  3. I loved reading this post. Prince was one of a kind with a real talent. It was interesting to hear the people who knew him or worked with him say what a kind and funny person he was. I always feel a bit sad when I hear Purple Rain and to learn that he died alone is the saddest part of all. Hope he is having a ball ip in heaven. Thanks for the follow and for sharing this xxxxxx

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