It was the devil that did it

I am a product of a village church school, where faith was indoctrinated on automatic; it’s all I knew.  I loved those bible stories, and the power of the words painting pictures that flowed from the mouth of our local Anglican Reverend.  I adored sitting in church, listening and learning, singing my childish heart out.  I was a sponge.  It wasn’t hard; I learned really quickly to be dutiful, good and kind.

The old vestiges of that C of E upbringing still tend to rant at me from the back rooms of my consciousness.  These days though I find it hard to believe in there being a God of any kind.  Mostly I am a faithful follower of Darwin. It’s the only “religion” I can begin to believe in.  The alternatives seem make-believe alongside.  In fact, I may benefit more if I was to be part of some pagan following, hugging trees, dancing around bonfires, shouting and letting off steam.  That would be more my style I reckon.

And I’m thankful that yesterday and today I have no strong religious faith nor do I belong to any particular denomination, because if I did, I would be feeling extremely pissed off.  I would be feeling utterly let down right now.

As it is I’m feeling angry.  No, “angry” doesn’t even get near to what I’m feeling. I want to scream and shout.  I want to reach out to heads of nations, to world politicians, to military leaders, to give them a serious shake and tell them to get over themselves.  To get their heads out of the lovely soft clouds they float about in, to put their feet back on the floor with the rest of us mere mortals, and to be good and kind and dutiful.  To find common sense solutions to situations.  To put the interests of others before their own.  And to do the right thing.  Quickly.  For all of mankind.

I want to grab hold of every “religious” leader in this whole sorry world and collectively bang their heads together good and hard.  And shame them into forming a compulsory group hug, to be repeated every single day until they get their “dutiful, goodness and kindness” sorted out between them.

Because it is all of these conniving, manipulative, clever dickies that have got us into the hideously awful mess we are now in.

Until the powers that be make these changes, there will definitely be no God of any sort willing to peacefully lay to rest their self-serving souls on their day of reckoning.  There will just be the red hot hole of Hell to welcome them.  And that’s coming from a mere mortal with no religious affiliation whatsoever.  I read somewhere that it wasn’t God that put mankind on the earth, it was the Devil.  Today I can almost believe that to be true.

What the world needs now is a group hug


  1. Great post Suzy! While I struggle with my own faith (Roman Catholic), I must admit I despise ORGANIZED religion–it is the root of all evil. Organized religions start wars. Political leaders use “God/Goddess” as a shield to hide behind and to also abuse. They are so quick to say “We must pray”. Well, politicians–we need more than prayer to get us out of this shit. Don’t even get me started on the likes of the little Hitler’s aka Trump and Cruz. In America guns kill every day–and yet when a terrorist attack happens overseas you hear “we must create a wall/borders, etc” Yet when a gun shooting happens it’s ok. I’m getting off topic. Extreme religious ideologies kill too.
    I propose a cook off rather than war….My blood pressure is rising. Gotta go!

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    • I’m so glad you’ve commented Catherine. All of your thoughts are relevant. Knowing that others share the same sentiments does help for sure. Sanity has to prevail. A cook-off sounds like a great idea – creative rather than destructive!


    • Yes, a cure would be great. Maybe we could start a new “not for profit” and have “experts” research the subject to find a cure. We could then legitimately over time get idiocy banned, a bit like smoking. What do you think?

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  2. My sentiments are the same as yours. Also alike, I was brought up within a faith and now have become a disciple of nature. The world may have once been a wonderful place, and still could be if only the human race would get out of the way.

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  3. I have to admit the last few years have stressed my once blind faith. I still believe in something I just don’t know what….in the meantime I always think it is appropriate to be kind and do good. I love the way you laid it all out….dare I say, AMEN!

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