Who Lives Here?

I walked right by this creepy old house a couple of days ago, on a lonely leg of the Viking Way.  A tight little path hemmed in by barbed wire took me along the rear of its uncared for walls.  It was impossible to see this timeworn building from any other viewpoint because of the overgrown bushes and trees; I could only guess from its dilapidated windows and doors that it was deserted.

Until I came across the white sliced bread.

Someone had launched several slices over the high wall; they had landed on the pathway and the birds were noisily enjoying a late breakfast of them.  I wonder who lives here …




  1. I love to see stuff like this. There’s a big Victorian place right in the middle of a very pricey village nearby to us which has looked derelict for years and is covered in creeper, but it’s just slightly clear by the front door so someone must come and go. Fascinates me


    • Fascinates me too, because I know there’s bound to be a story in it, as there is in most unusual situations.


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