The old Windmill, Wragby, Lincolnshire

This tall tower mill was built in 1831 by the millwright Ingledew. It worked by wind until 1903 when an oil engine took over. It was modernised subsequently, with the old gearing removed. It had six sails which drove four pairs of stones on the third floor and the upper stone spindle glut box bearings survive in place. The only other wind-driven gear to remain is part of the sackhoist, which used an endless chain. The cap has been replaced by a low concrete dome which is supported by the old oak sheertrees. There is a large hurst frame on the spacious ground floor which formerly contained two pairs of stones while a large grain cleaner by E. R. & F. Turner of Ipswich is on an upper floor.  The tower was lastly used as a grain store, but has now stood empty and abandoned for 15 years, along with the rest of the mill site buildings.

Old disused windmill at Wragby, Lincolnshire
Old disused windmill at Wragby, Lincolnshire

This is a very short, potted history of a fascinating old building just down the road from me, which could tell a thousand stories if only it could talk.  I stumbled across this mill, standing out against the striking blue sky whilst walking on a very chilly December Saturday afternoon.  My home county has a wealth of old and interesting places and buildings to visit and for me, to photograph, as my camera accompanies me most places I go these days.


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