Well, Yes, Sex Is Good For Your Health

An American couple recently resolved to have sex every day throughout December in an effort to curb their vices – his was cigarettes, hers was chocolate.  (Pull the other one!)  And it seems that it worked, in more ways than one.  The couple did indeed find that their cravings were reduced, but in addition they also felt healthier, slept better, and avoided the horrible winter viruses that normally affect them.  The results have been so successful that they are aiming to continue their “mission” into January.  I bet they are, and I suspect there are a good number of additional motives that they’re not mentioning.

I reckon that it would be an absolute doddle to keep this one up, don’t you, whether you’re young, middle aged or old, especially when you consider the lengthy list of possible benefits below.  Sex cures all ills apparently.  So here we go – sexual activity –

  1. Helps you live longer
  2. Lowers your risk of heart disease and stroke if you have sex twice a week or more
  3. Reduces your risk of breast cancer
  4. Bolsters your immune system
  5. Helps you sleep
  6. Makes you appear more youthful
  7. Improves your fitness
  8. Helps protect against endometriosis
  9. Enhances fertility
  10. Regulates menstrual cycles
  11. Relieves menstrual cramps
  12. Helps carry a pregnancy to full term
  13. Relieves chronic pain
  14. Helps reduce migraine headache pain in some individuals
  15. Improves quality of life
  16. Reduces the risk of depression
  17. Lowers stress levels
  18. Improves self esteem
  19. Improves intimacy with your partner
  20. Helps you grow spiritually  (What … ?)

Could it be then, that more of us should be including sex in our list of New Year resolutions?  I think so, but not just because of the personal health improvement element; that would make it a bit of a chore, like going to the gym.  It should be included simply for the pure pleasure element in my view.  The rest is a bonus.

It does occur to this midlife writer though – what if sex becomes an addiction, with all this increased activity, pleasure and benefits?  Would that mean that next New Year I’d have yet another midlife addiction to resolve to fix, as well as my current addictions to cigarettes, alcohol and Millionaire’s Flapjack?  I might as well book myself into rehab right now.


    • Hi Melissa, thank you for your kind comment. Midlife could be bleak or it can be marvellously crazy; I choose the latter. I’ll take a look at your blog and wish you well with “A Year of Midlife Adventure”. Best regards, Suzy Barker


  1. every day? That’s gotta be stressful. Don’t get me wrong. I’m fairly certain I have a normal sexual appetite and all that jazz but 31 days of sex? I’m not saying it can’t be done but it can’t be done well. Especially if you throw another month on top of that.

    When my ex-girlfriend was living with me we might have sex for a bunch of days in a row but then maybe we’d just chill a night or two and just enjoy each other’s company. Doesn’t mean we didn’t get back to it after, but sometimes you need a break.

    After about maybe 10-14 days something is giving. Either you’re reducing the quality/length of the sex or you’re taking a night off. I’m just against the implication that you can have a month of maximized sexual ecstasy.


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