Spandau Ballet – Once More

Spandau Ballet are BACK!

Video out of date – apologies – removed by the Fun Police I think

Spandau Ballet, the 1980s band, have launched a comeback tour, (could this be called a midlife comeback?) two decades after the New Romantic icons’ bitter split.  The five-man group wowed fans in Dublin with some of their old hits including “Gold” and “True,” as well as songs from their new album “Once More,” released next week.

“We missed you, what have you been doing for the last 20 years?” lead singer Tony Hadley, now 48, asked a first-night audience of mostly thirty and forty something midlife women on Tuesday evening.

The band split in 1989; their differences erupted into legal action, in which songwriter Gary Kemp was sued by Hadley, drummer John Keeble and saxophonist Steve Norman over royalties.

The band’s five members have all had their own solo careers, including spells of acting for Gary and brother Martin Kemp, while frontman Hadley launched a solo career in 2003 after winning a reality television show.

The band announced their comeback in March. After kicking off in Ireland their “Reformation” tour will take them to cities across Europe including London, Rome, Berlin and Barcelona.


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