Mooning at trains – a new sport maybe?

A German man mooning at railway staff in a departing train got his trousers caught in a carriage door and ended up being dragged half naked along the platform, out of the station and onto the tracks.  The 22-year-old journalism student shoved his backside against the window of a low-slung double-decker train when staff forced him off in Lauenbrueck for travelling without a ticket.

There’s an image to conjure with – a young guy being dragged along by the seat of his pants, baring his backside to passengers, and all the while managing to keep his legs and feet away from the train wheels.  I vote that this activity be developed into an endurance sport.  Whole teams could take part.  Imagine an eight carriage train, with a guy fastened into each door.  First one to put his feet down is the loser.  Great spectator sport too with all those windows.


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