Driving a convertible car can seriously damage your ears apparently

It seems that cruising with the top down at speeds of 50-70mph (80-112km/h) exposes the ears to sound levels sometimes nearing those made by a pneumatic drill, and long or repeated exposure to this noise of the engine, road, traffic and wind could cause permanent hearing loss.  Researchers say that convertible drivers should consider wearing some form of ear protection, as motorcyclists do. Or they should roll the windows up to help reduce the noise levels.

The whole point of driving a car with the top down is to enjoy the wind in your hair, and be closer to the world you are driving through.  Isn’t it?  Imagine if you were to drive with earplugs inserted – how would you converse with your passengers?  Open top cars have existed ever since vehicles were invented and no rules have been needed for specific ear protection.  I can see the day coming when the powers that be force drivers of convertibles to have their heads trussed up like oven ready chickens.  They will be whizzing along country lanes in aeronautic helmets and goggles.  Looking ridiculous.

Or maybe not.  Think there will be a lot of used convertibles going cheap.


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